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Getting started

We'll guide you through unboxing, downloading the Yoto App, and getting connected to your Wi-Fi network.

What's in the Box

Setting up your Yoto Player / Mini

Firstly, you need to download the Yoto app to get your player set up. Get the Yoto app for iOS/iPhone. Get the Yoto app for Android. Make sure the charging dock or cable is connected to a power outlet/socket. Place the player on the charging dock (Yo

Pairing your phone and your Player / Mini

A guide to pairing your phone with your player and creating a Family Account. During the player setup process on the Yoto app, you will be given the option to pair your phone with your player. If you are setting up your player for the first time, sel

Advice when giving a Player / Mini as a gift

Set things up, so everything runs smoothly when the wrapping paper comes off. Tip # 1Download the Yoto app in advance. Why wait? Download the Yoto app for iOS or Android, and you'll have access to tons of free kids' stories, music, radio stations and