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Advice when giving a Player / Mini as a giftUpdated 2 months ago

Set things up, so everything runs smoothly when the wrapping paper comes off

Tip # 1
Download the Yoto app in advance 

Why wait? Download the Yoto app for iOS or Android, and you'll have access to tons of free kids' stories, music, radio stations and podcasts.

You can play in-app audio from your phone, on any Bluetooth speakers (including the car!). You can also play it from your phone directly onto your player, or link it to Make Your Own cards for the kids to use screen-free.

Plus, whenever you buy new audio titles, they'll appear in your app immediately, so you can enjoy them while the physical cards are being posted to you.


Tip # 2
Set up your player before gifting it

We recommend that you take a moment to set up your player in secret before handing it over to your little ones. There's no pressure quite so intense as when you're setting up a new toy under the watchful eyes of the next generation!

For a step-by-step run through, see our support page on setting up a player. There's also a great video about it here, but the basic setup goes like this:

  1. Connect your player to power and turn it on
  2. Open the app and tap Set Up a Player
  3. Connect to Wi-Fi
  4. Set up or join a Family Account
  5. That’s it!

Pro Tip: 
Download your cards on to the player, so they will play smoothly and without relying on your Wi-Fi connection.

Once your player is set up, take a card from your collection and insert it into the  player. This tells your player to start downloading that audio onto its in-built storage.

When the audio starts playing, remove the card from your player. Repeat this process for each card in your collection. 

Once you've finished, remove any cards from your  player and leave it switched on and charging overnight to allow all the content to finish downloading. Then pack up your player and get it ready for gifting!

You can see if any cards still need to download by going to the Players screen in the app and tapping the Settings icon next to the player you have just set up. You can see if everything is up-to-date or if there are cards still downloading in the Status panel.


Tip #3
Give your player some "me time"

Every couple of weeks we send out a brand-new software update (Yoto OS) which unlocks new features and improvements, many of which are suggested by Yoto customers.

To give your player a chance to download any software updates and new content, we recommend you:

  1. Turn your player on
  2. Connect it to power using the included charging dock or cable 
  3. Leave it alone overnight 

You can check which version of Yoto OS your Player is using by visiting Players > Settings in the Yoto app. 

This is an easy way to ensure your player is always functioning at its best and that you're always enjoying the latest and greatest features available.


Have fun!

We're thrilled to have you in our community of parents, grandparents, siblings and (more importantly) kids. We hope you have a blast exploring all the things your player can do!


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