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Using the Yoto App (iOS and Android)

Getting started with the Yoto app

If you are a brand new user choose Set up a Player from either the landing screen or the Menu section.

As  a second parent or family member with a player that has already been set up, choose Join a Family Account (from either the landing screen or the Menu section of the app).




This is where you can see up-to-date news from Yoto, tips on how to use your player and articles on things we find interesting, and hopefully you may too.



This is where you can see details of who is in your Family Account and all of your players. 

Your registered details are at the top of the screen (this is the email address you used to sign in to the app). You will also be able to see details of all users (including you) in your Family Account who are paired with your players.

Under the list of users, you will also see all of the players linked to your Family Account. 

Each listed player has a gear icon denoting Settings. Tap this icon to manage settings for that player, such as:

Player name
Personalise your player by giving it a name

Nightlight colour
Choose the colour of the nightlight
(you can also set different colours for night and day, so your child knows when it’s time to get up, even if the player is on its front) 

Bluetooth pairing
Toggle this on to allow your player to enter Bluetooth mode, so you can play audio through your player just like any other Bluetooth speaker. 

Be aware, toggling this on does not turn on Bluetooth mode, it unlocks the feature so you can subsequently enter Bluetooth mode by pressing the left hand orange button for 3 seconds. See our guide here

Max volume limit
Set a limit for how loud your player will go

Battery saver
Set how quickly the player display dims when no buttons or cards are touched, and when not on the dock. See more on this, here.

Day start
Set a start time for day mode (the clock will change from moon to sun)

Night time
Set a start time for night mode (your clock will change from sun to moon)

24-hour clock
Choose between a 12 and 24 hour clock for the front display of your player

Automatic time zone
Ensure the time zone for your clock is set correctly (includes updates for daylight saving)

Yoto OS version
See which software version your player is on.

Registration code
The six letter code you used to set up your player. It is used to troubleshoot issues, if you have them

Card download status
This shows you if all your cards have been downloaded to your player, or if some content still needs to download. If content is not downloaded fully, it will need to stream, which may cause playback issues if you have poor Wi-Fi in the location of your player


My Library

The library is the heart of the app. 

From here you can:

  • See (and play) all of the cards you own
  • See an remotely control what's playing on a player
  • Discover new, featured content
  • Create Make Your Own playlists and record your own audio
  • Find radio and podcasts from around the world 
  • Listen to Sleep Sounds (a carefully chosen selection of musical tracks to help your little one unwind at bedtime) 

To play any of the content in the app - click the play icon, next to that piece of audio and it will automatically play on the player or phone selected.

The Device Picker (above the main tab navigation and now playing info) allows you to select which device you are controlling, and playing audio on. 

The Now Playing area shows you which piece of content you are playing on your phone, and allows you to pause or resume playing. Tapping on the Now Playing area opens up the Maxi Player. From here you can skip chapters or tracks and adjust the volume.


Visit the Yoto Card Store, where you can discover a world of audio.

The card store library is an external website, so you will be taken out of the app to visit the store.


Useful features and links

Set up a player
Start the setup process to get a new player online, or to pair your phone with a player that someone else in your family has already set up

Join a Family Account
Start the setup process to join an existing player that has already been set up by someone else 

User guides/Troubleshooting/FAQs
Links to our support pages (these very pages in fact!)

Contact support
If you've checked through our support pages and need some additional guidance, we are happy to help at any time

About us
Visit our website and read the story of how and why we developed Yoto

If you get stuck or the player or app is behaving in a different way to what's described above, please visit our Troubleshooter


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