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What are Family Accounts?Updated 2 months ago

When you set up a player to get it online and pair it with the phone you are using for the Yoto app, you automatically create what we call a ‘Family Account’. 

See our guide to pairing your phone and your player, here.

A family account can be just one member and one player, or you could add more players and multiple members to the same account.

A Family Account lets anyone who is a member use the Yoto app to:

Control your player/s
Use the app to play content, adjust the volume, set a sleep timer etc. for any players in the Family Account

Manage player settings
Control features behind the scenes, like setting sleep and wake times, customizing the color of the nightlight and setting maximum volume.

Access cards you buy from Yoto instantly
When you purchase cards from the Yoto Store (using the same email address as you use for the app) those cards will be added to your Library straight away, so you can enjoy listening to them before the actual cards arrive in the post

How to set up a Family Account

Family Account setup is explained as part of the pairing instructions, which can be found here.

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