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What are Digital Yoto Cards?Updated 16 days ago

What are Yoto Digital Cards?

Digital Cards feature the same great audio as regular Yoto Cards, just without a physical card sent to you. Simply add them to your cart, check out, and they’re there. You can either choose to link Digital Cards to a Make Your Own card, or listen to them straight from the app. Or both!

Why are you doing this?
We learned a while ago that Yoto families wanted access to loads of great audio content, at a great price. Making physical cards is quite easy, but not that easy! The biggest challenges are the time and the cost of producing, printing and shipping physical cards to your door. 

With Digital Cards, we can offer audio content much more quickly and at a lower price than physical cards. It also means that we can release an even bigger variety of great music, stories and other audio as a Digital Card, including some titles that may be slightly more niche, but that we know would still be popular with some Yoto families. Digital Cards give us the opportunity to release audio that we might not have been able to release as a physical card. 

Will you release Digital Cards as physical Yoto Cards at any point?
Never say never! Sometimes one of our physical Yoto Card boats takes a long time to arrive, so we might offer Digital Cards to make sure our families don’t miss out on special seasonal audio fun. We will always be clear if that is the case. 

On occasion, we might decide to launch a physical Yoto Card that has only been previously released as a Digital Card if we see significant love for it from families. We are learning as we go. 

But surely this just encourages more screen time for kids?
Not at all! Adults can download the Digital Card, then link it to a 
Make Your Own Card, meaning the experience for your child is no different to normal. 

So are you going to stop making physical cards then?
Absolutely not. We will always continue to make physical Yoto Cards. We will just be making some Digital Cards too. 

No shipping. No packaging. Just the best of Yoto how you want it.

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