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When do I receive my Yoto Club credits?Updated 3 months ago

Every month, on the same day in which you first signed up to Yoto Club, we will create a Club order, by the end of the day. That order will grant you the Club credits.

If you are a monthly subscriber, you will also be billed on the same day, while if you are an annual subscriber, the order will still be created, but we won't bill you monthly.

Your annual membership will auto-renew on the anniversary of your original sign up. 

We will email you 30 days before your annual subscription is due to renew, so you can decide to stop the renewal by cancelling the subscription.

You can cancel Yoto Club any time, in the Yoto Club page of your account, on our website (see how do I manage Yoto Club here). 

To learn more about how to order Yoto Club cards, visit this article.

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