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How to access cards in the Yoto App instantly after purchase

Instant Play gives Yoto customers instant access to the content that they purchase via the Yoto website. We use your email to match your Yoto store account with your Yoto app account, so for it to work, you should use the same address for both. Buy c

How long does the battery last?

This depends a lot on how you are using your player. And how much the pixel display is on for. For more details see our page on battery lifetime. At one end, if you are playing a piece of streaming content, say Fun Kids Radio - which takes more power

How long does the battery take to charge?

Your player should take about 5 hours to fully charge the built-in battery from fully depleted. It does not take any more or less time if you also play audio at the same time as charging.

I have a first generation (v1) Yoto Player, how do I set it up with the new (v2) Yoto App?

To get your v1 Yoto Player online, follow these instructions:

What age of child are your players suitable for?

Guidance on age range suitability for players and Yoto cards. All of our players are certified as suitable for children aged 3 and over. For newborns and babies, many parents use the Yoto Player’s nightlight feature and content such as Sounds for Sle

What are you doing to offer more inclusive content?

This is (maybe not surprisingly) difficult in a publishing industry which has traditionally centred white voices. This bias directly impacts which kids’ titles are turned into audiobooks, which then restricts the audiobooks that are then available fo

Do you sell cards in other languages?

We currently sell cards in English, French and Spanish. We don't have timelines regarding any other languages just yet, but we're working on it!

How do I refer a friend?

Note: using your own referral link will not work. If you are sharing your referral link with someone using the same internet network as you, ask them to use a different network when tapping the link. On March 2nd 2021, we migrated towards a new loyal

How can I get birthday shoutout on Yoto Daily?

In mid-2020 we started doing birthday shoutouts on Yoto Daily to help kids in lockdown celebrate their special day. It's become incredibly popular - too popular!. We're still welcoming your little ones' birthday details, but please note that we requi

What are Yoto cards made from?

How Yoto cards work, what they are made from and why we chose those materials. Yoto cards are credit card sized cards that allow you to play audio on one of our players or your phone (via the Yoto app). When you slot the card in the top the audio sta

What is My Yoto Tokens programme?

As Yoto customers, you can earn tokens:. Those tokens can then be redeemed at checkout for store credits or free shipping voucher (UK only). More information can be found here.

Sharing and selling your Yoto cards

What happens when Yoto cards are played on a Player that is not part of your family account?

How much content can be stored on the Player for offline playback?

Yoto Player and Yoto Mini have 16Gb of built-in storage, which is equivalent to about 350 hours* of audio. If your Yoto is full, content that has not been played for a long time will be replaced by new or more popular content. This will not affect wh

How do I reset my Yoto to factory conditions?

A factory reset will delete all downloaded content and restore your Yoto to factory conditions. Please note: this will not remove the Yoto from your family account. If you are giving the Yoto to someone else, you should also remove it from your famil